First look inside: Former radio station is downtown Syracuse's largest apartment

In the 1940s it was the headquarters for radio station WFBL. Now it's the largest living space on the market in downtown Syracuse. (1940s photo courtesy Onondaga Historical Association)

At 4,000 square feet it is more than double the size of most suburban homes and it has an elevator for a front door.

Over the next few weeks, 435 South Warren Street will go on the market as a one bedroom luxury apartment in downtown Syracuse. It will be the largest living space in downtown, according to the Downtown Committee which tracks rental properties and trends.

"People walk in and they smile," said Syracuse attorney Tom Cerio who developed the building. When Cerio took on the redevelopment of the building, it was in ruins. The former WFBL radio headquarters had fallen into disrepair and parts of the building were missing.

In the bedroom of the apartment Cerio stood in the center and showed off gleaming hardwood floors and refinished industrial style ceilings. He pointed to the middle of the room saying, "This was gone. There was a giant hole here. You could look down and see the floor below and you could look up and see daylight where all the ice and snow and rain had come in."

For a second floor apartment, the bedroom ekes out a marvelous view of the dome on top of the Old Onondaga County Courthouse. Steps from the bedroom lead to a patio. Cerio says he may install a projector to show movies on the wall.

Given its size, "chopping up" the apartment into smaller living spaces may have made more financial sense, but Cerio was excited to take on the challenge of creating a massive apartment. He believes the future tenants will be older professional adults or 'empty nesters' who are part of a growing segment of the population interested in moving to downtown Syracuse from the suburbs. "10 years ago you didn't want to walk on Warren Street. Five years ago you didn't want to live on Warren Street. Now, we have apartments popping up all over downtown and people are eager to live here and there is a lot of energy and things are happening," Cerio said.

Rent for the apartment will run somewhere between $3,200 - $3,800 per month. The rent will include water, cable and internet service. The apartment is Bluetooth connected with speakers throughout.

The apartment is a stop on this weekend's Downtown Living Tour. Click here to see more of the living spaces featured on the tour and for a link to tickets to the event.

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