Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant returns to full operation

Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant (File Photo)

Solidifying its role as an energy provider for years to come, Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power plant returned to full power Wednesday morning.

The plant had been shut down for refueling for nearly a month and a half.

The plant, which is currently owned by Entergy, was scheduled to be shut down completely in January 2017 until Exelon agreed to purchase the plant in summer 2016.

“We are looking forward to operating the FitzPatrick plant. The employees and the community have been extraordinarily welcoming over the past few months,” said Exelon Generation Senior Vice President of Operations Chris Mudrick. “It was encouraging to see Exelon’s technicians working side-by-side with FitzPatrick’s plant employees. This outage was important because it meant preserving hundreds of full-time jobs, not only at the plant but in the community."

During refueling more than 1,000 contract workers arrived to perform maintenance. The 838-megawatt James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant generates carbon-free electricity for more than 800,000 homes and businesses.

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