Fix it up: City gives owner 60 days to repair old Hotel Oneida


City leadership continues to put pressure on the owner of the former Hotel Oneida by putting into place a deadline for when repairs must be completed.

The City of Oneida Common Council voted on June 6th to give Sullivan Contracting, Inc. the property owner, 60 days to either fix up all of the violations on the structure or the city will do it themselves and place the bill on the property taxes. Neighbors have long considered the delapitated hotel "an eyesore."

"We're going after it," said Jim Chamberlain, D-Deputy Mayor for the City of Oneida, in an interview in May 2017 when the building was declared a public nuisance.

This comes after the city's fire marshal named the building an "unsafe structure" in March 2017. In the same month, a judge signed off on a search warrant allowing for an inspection of the building from the inside. Peeling siding scrapes against the metal frame that used to support a fabric canopy, multiple windows are broken and rust can be seen around the structure. Along Lenox Ave., a steel support beam can be touched from the sidewalk, after stone walls gave way.

Nobody returned requests for comment from Sullivan Contracting.

The Hotel Oneida originally opened on May 1, 1927 on the corner of Main St. and Lenox Ave., with a addition being added in 1970.

The building has been vacant since 2008 and Sullivan Contractors Inc., based in Sauquoit, NY, has owned the building since it was purchased in 2010 for $25,000.

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