Fix New York's government? Some say key is new constitution

Some advocates are saying a New York constitutional convention is key to curbing corruption in New York state.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Corruption and a rigged political system are battle cries of both sides in a debate over whether New Yorkers should vote this fall to rewrite the state constitution.

Advocates of a "yes" vote say a constitutional convention is the only way to fix dysfunction and corruption in government and inefficiency in the court system.

Opponents warn the convention itself would be rife with corruption and could strip protections of the environment, labor and reproductive rights.

Both sides are launching media campaigns urging voters either to go for an overhaul or keep the status quo when they go to the polls Nov. 7.

If voters say yes, delegates would be elected next year for a convention in 2019. The last convention was in 1967, and voters rejected its recommendations.

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