Former Club 37 could soon be demolished for new development

The former Club 37 could fall by way of the wrecking ball for new development. Club 37 has been closed since the early 2000s. (Brett Hall/CNYCentral)

It appears the answer to the question "Tear it Down or Fix it Up?" is now clear for the former Club 37 along Route 11.

"We have a contract for a portion of the land for a retail project," Dominic Pavia, who markets the former nightclub property, said. "Once that project is fully approved and permitted by the municipality they will proceed to a demolition phase and construction for that project."

While Pavia didn't want to get into any further specifics on what retailer was looking at the property, the news will likely be welcome to those who became tired of seeing the empty property.

"The old Club 37 is another place that has been around quite awhile that is totally overgrown with weeds and not in good shape," Marlene Levett wrote to the Tear it Down or Fix it Up email last June.

It was 1975 when the 8,104 sq. ft. the nightclub opened according to Onondaga County Property Tax records. For much of the clubs history, it was run by Eugene Dinino, who also owned and operated a former dance club in DeWitt. Both clubs were closed by 2002.

Town of Salina Supervisor Mark Nicotra told the town has yet to be notified of any new development on the land.

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