Former police officer accused of rape, Police Chief and Syracuse PD named in lawsuit

Chester Thompson, along with the Syracuse Police Department and Police Chief Frank Fowler is named in a lawsuit. The suit claims Thompson sexually assaulted multiple women while on duty, and his supervisors had knowledge and failed to properly investigate Thompson.

SYRACUSE, NY-- A lawsuit has been filed against a former City of Syracuse police officer, Police Chief Frank Fowler, Police Captain Thomas Galvin, and the City of Syracuse Police Department.

A woman referred to as the plaintiff in the action says former police officer Chester Thompson forced her to engage in various sexual acts with him against her will. The plaintiff says Thompson made implied threats against her newborn son, who was in the room at the time. She is seeking $7 million in damages.

At the time Thompson was on duty, and responding to Doe's call to police about her missing underage daughter.

In March Thompson was indicted on multiple counts of official misconduct, a misdemeanor.

The lawsuit also names Thompson's supervisors, including Captain Galvin and Chief Fowler, saying Thompson had a reputation for sexually assaulting women who were "particularly vulnerable by virtue of their socioeconomic status, their status as criminal suspects and/or detainees and/or their status as victims of domestic disputes for which police assistance was sought". It says Chief Fowler had knowledge of these allegations against Thompson, and failed to investigate them adequately. Captain Galvin was the head of Syracuse's Internal Affairs Division, and is accused of also having knowledge of Thompson's alleged abuse, and failing to take adequate action.

The Syracuse Police Department has declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The full lawsuit is listed below. BE ADVISED: Contains graphic descriptions of the alleged attack.

Also, the victim has already identified herself in the media.

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