Fort Drum soldier's wife fights for her life after giving birth to premature twins

Jenna Hinman, pictured with husband Brandon, battling rare form of cancer after giving birth to premature twins.

Port Byron native Jenna Hinman, 26, was 30 weeks pregnant with twins when she suddenly couldn't breathe. Her husband brandon, a soldier at Fort Drum called 911.

"I actually got down next to her so her stomach was on me so I could feel it and it got really intense with her screaming," says Hinman.

Doctors quickly realized she needed an emergency C-section. She gave birth to twin girls weighing three pounds each, but she still couldn't breathe and started coughing up blood. Jenna and her babies were transferred to Crouse Hospital where Gyn Oncologist, Dr. Wiley Bunn has been monitoring the situation.

"Her lungs are so involved with tumor that they don't work. And right now they're not working at all," says Dr. Bunn.

What Jenna didn't know during her pregnancy, is that she is suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer called Choriocarcinoma that forms in the placenta.

"If you ask how many of those patients come in like Jenna with such acute illness, it's a lot less common than one in 160,000," says Dr. Bunn.

She's been placed in a medically induced coma and is getting heavy doses of chemotherapy while a machine breathes for her. I t's been touch and go day by day , but Thursday the Chief of Medicine for Crouse Hospital, Dr. David Landsberg, woke her up for a brief moment.

"I walked up to her bed and grabbed her hand and said honey it's me. I love you, you're doing great. And as I was talking she shook her head yes," says Hinman.

"There was Brandon telling Jenna that the two babies were doing ok. And at least in that moment we had a family," says Dr. Landsberg.

"That could be the last time I talk to my wife," says Hinman.

When Brandon is not in the I ntensive Care Unite, he's in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, getting to know his twin baby girls Kinleigh and Azlynn , taking on the role of both mom and dad for now.

"My hope is that my wife stands up, holds my hand, we have the girls and we walk out of this hospital," says Hinman.

The family has set up a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website for "The Hinman Fund" to raise money for the family's medical expenses.

For more information on the family, visit the Prayers for Jenna Facebook page.

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