Friend of Seth Collier says he's feeling the loss one month later


SYRACUSE, N.Y.---It's been a month since the accident that happened on this corner- claiming the life of Seth Collier.

The days have been dragging on as family and friends try to move forward.

Tonight one of his best friends tells us he's been taking his time trying to process what happened, and feeling the pain each time he sits down to watch a movie or listen to music, things he often did with Seth.

But most of all-it's waking up every day to realize that he has to live life without him.

"I just can't believe that one of my best friends are gone. It's been very difficult for me to go through this and everybody else in his family as well. It's just shocking," said Joshua Florence.

Josh is in touch with Seth's family regularly, he says they are struggling to deal with this harsh reality of their son being gone.

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