Fundraiser helps Vera House at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Fundraiser for Vera House at Dinosaur BBQ.

A roomful of people packed in to hear some music at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que from four local bands to help raise money for Vera House.

Carol Charles is the Development Director for Vera House. "We really enjoy that people believe in what we do so much that they are willing to use what they do to serve people in need," says Charles.

Bob Jokl was one of the dozens who crowded into the room upstairs. "There's no other agency that's providing these type of services for woman and men but primarily women who are in need of special care. It's a great organization, money well spent," says Jokl.

For the first time, a fall mixer was held to help raise money for the local non-profit. All the money is going directly to help those impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. Money which Vera house says they are constantly in need of.

"People are in need of getting a license or getting their lights turned back on in their house when they're ready to go back home or last month we had a crisis of no diapers so we asked for donation for diapers. There's always a need," says Charles.

Brian Darby was also attending Sunday night's fundraiser. "They provide them lodging and food and counseling. If it wasn't for that aspect then we would have some major problems, probably more homeless people on the street," says Darby.

Vera House says they would like to see this fall mixer turned into an annual event as they continue helping those who need it most.

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