Fundraiser to benefit Moravia woman who lost husband, father in horrific limo crash

Brian Hough is seen here with his son, Ben at a scouting event.

It's the October afternoon nobody saw coming-the limo crash in Schoharie that took away 20 lives.

Nancy Casler says her good friend Jackie Schnurr called her almost instantly after witnessing her father and husband get hit.

"Hearing this was just unbelievable and she and Brian are both very close to their families. Like, they never go anywhere without them, so it was just one, unbelievable that Brian was gone, too, that her father was gone, it's just horrible," she explained.

Schnurr's husband, Brian Hough was an outdoor enthusiast, who loved teaching geology at SUNY Oswego.

He and Jackie both were scout leaders and have a nine-year-old son, Ben.

"It's hard, I mean Jackie's going to kill me for saying this, but they were the perfect couple."

Casler says he loved being with the scouts at Fillmore Glen State Park.

The young boys gathered together to honor him just after the crash and now wear a special patch in his memory.

"A lot of them were you know, flags and stuff, we picked the boot, because being an outdoor guy, the boot was kind of like a Brian thing, so we all have boots that we wear on our Class-A uniforms which is the dress uniform for the scouts," explained Casler.

It's not the only effort to help this family-there will be a fundraiser on Sunday at Drifters on Owasco Lake from 11:00-3:00 p.m.

"It's a small community, everybody knows everybody, and we're always very supportive of everybody. If something happens to any member of the community, the whole community is behind them."

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