Gannon's Isle Ice Cream opening downtown location

Much to the delight of Central New York ice cream fans, Gannon's Isle Ice Cream, now with locations on Valley Drive and on Onondaga Hill, is opening a new, year-round location in downtown Syracuse.

The move comes after Gannon's Isle put carts downtown for the first time this past summer, and while the carts did well, co-owner Eileen Gannon says many ice cream lovers wanted the variety of flavors that Gannon's is known for, something that could not be done with a cart.

So, Gannon's is opening the new location on South Salina Street in the old Deys Centennial Plaza, next to Cafe Kubal and a block away from the Landmark Theatre. Eileen Gannon says their downtown location will appeal to families and locals who frequent the area.

"There's a lot going on," Gannon says. "Especially at the Landmark. If you walk out of the Landmark you'll see our store right there, especially if you have children there's a lot of places to eat and drink down there, but there's not a lot of things for families to go to."

On Wednesday night, kids walking out of the M.O.S.T. showed excitement as they learned there would be another Gannon's location, mainly for the prospect of having yet another option to ask their parents for ice cream.

"If we went to a place to eat dinner, or go to the M.O.S.T. like we did tonight...we could then go to Gannon's," Keegan Bryant, a second grader who lives near the Valley Gannon's, says.

While some of the youngest ice cream lovers are excited about the move, some of the most important are excited as well. Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner said she heard considerable buzz about the new Gannon's location, and is looking forward to the new store.

"I think it's great," Miner says. "Just another sign of life that we have downtown. We always go to the carts during the summer, now in the winter we can go anytime we want."

The downtown location, which will feature more of an 'ice cream parlor' type of feel, is expected to be finished in Mid-April, while the Gannon's on Valley Drive opens this weekend.

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