Getting home safely on Thanksgiving Eve

Getting home safely on Thanksgiving Eve

It's one of the busiest nights of the year for Armory Square bars.

Many people are going to need a safe way home and for the first time this year, ride sharing is an option.

Central New Yorkers from all around the country are coming home for the holiday and many of them will flood into Armory Square to celebrate.

And now they can call Uber or Lyft for a sober ride home.

"I'll probably use ride sharing on the way home. Uber just drove by I'll probably take them home," Mike Grabowski said.

In years past, options to make it home safe were limited, but since mid summer, ride sharing vehicles have been driving the roads of central New York.

Many of the people out and about Wednesday night say they use ride sharing all the time to get home safely.

"I'm a Syracuse firemen. So you see, you see what can happen when people drink and drive," Grabowski said.

After a lot of debate, legislators passed ride sharing for all of New York in April.

Some people celebrating Thanksgiving Eve are from cities that have had Uber for some time , and were happy to know ride sharing has made it's way to central New York.

"Uber is the way we get around when we're going out. We were originally going to do a round trip with Uber tonight but my dad volunteered to drive us down. We at least got one way free," Nicole Yandon of Boston said.

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