Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales start today

Girl Scouts in our area are in the last phase of this year's cookie sales: Booth sales started today and will run until March 24th. Find a booth near you: is the locator

The final push for this year's Girl Scout Cookie sale is underway, with sales booths in established locations like DestinyUSA, and also pop ups, like on well-traveled paths to and from the Carrier Dome.

Scouts in the NY Penn Pathways region have already asked friends and family for orders, now they'll be in community locations, including stores and community gathering areas, taking orders until March 24th.

It's about more than selling cookies, according to Jaime Alvarez: the outreach effort teaches money and time management, and sales, financial and people skills. The funds raised underwrite troop activities and also individual camping fees.

Thin Mints may be the #1 cookie in nationwide sales, but several other varieties are for sale. If you're a Savannah Smiles fan (that's the lemon sugar cookie) be aware that it will be retired after this year's sales. A replacement will be introduced for next year.

To find a booth sale near you, go to and enter your zip code.

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