Givers revealed as scarves appear all over downtown Syracuse

Givers revealed as scarfs appear all over downtown Syracuse

SYRACUSE -- The day started with a temperature reading of minus 6, but it is ending much warmer for everyone who hears this story.

People in the Franklin Square area and other parts of downtown Syracuse may have been puzzled by what they saw Monday. Scarves hanging from bare tree branches and any other place that would hold them.

A woman who saw them being scattered about said, "There is just not enough kindness out there, and for kids to be doing this - I think that is really great."

Word spread quickly downtown that the kind gesture was the work of a group of fifth graders and their teacher from Syracuse's Van Duyn Elementary School. They placed the winter gear around on their day off from school.

Each of the items had a tag attached giving whoever found them permission to take them. One read, "I am not lost - Take me, it's cold outside."

The Principal at Van Duyn was inspired by a post on Facebook from another city so she tagged one of her staff members and the ball was rolling. "Fifth grade teacher Kelly McCann took it on," Principal Eva Williams said.

"Kelly enjoys service projects and engages her students every year with a community project. Kelly and the students collected over 55 scarves from members of the community, family and friends," Williams said.

One of the students later reported she took her mother out and about downtown to point out where the scarves were tied up, and many had been taken.

Principal Williams says the scarf collection project and the random act of kindness is one of the reasons her Van Duyn students are known as CHAMPS: Courageous, Hardworking, Achievers, Motivated, Persistent, Scholars.

After braving the bitter cold to hang the scarves, the students who participated in the day of service were treated to food at Sonic.

They treated all of us to the most memorable story of the day. They treated dozens of unsuspecting strangers to something that will come in handy tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day - with high temperatures not expected to crack the freezing mark.

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