Gov. Cuomo wants study on legalizing marijuana

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to study the impact of legalizing marijuana in New York State.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Governor Andrew Cuomo wants state agencies to study the impact of legalizing marijuana in New York. Cuomo made the announcement during his state budget address Tuesday.

Cuomo did not come down on either side of the issue, but said it's worth looking at the impact. Massachusetts has legalized recreational marijuana and New Jersey is considering it.

Cuomo wants the Department of Health to work with New York State Police and other agencies to study the issue.

"Look at the health impact, the economic impact, the state of the law. If it was legalized in New Jersey and it was legal in Massachusetts and the federal government allowed it to go ahead, what would that do to New YOrk that's right in the middle?" said Governor Cuomo during his budget address.

According to an Emerson College survey 62 percent of all New York voters support legalizing and taxing marijuana.

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