'He will always make me smile': Father and 'sibling cousins' fondly remember Larry Maturo

Larry Maturo was killed Monday in a hit-and-run in North Syracuse (Photo Provided)

Larry Maturo has been thinking a lot about video games over the last day.

Video games like Super Nintendo. And his son.

"A good kid. Competitive. Video games and baseball. Good at that," he said.

On Monday, Maturo got a phone call to get to the hospital.

"It was surreal," he said. "I was hoping for the best. But seeing him like that, I wish I didn't. I mean, I wish that I did, but I wish I didn't. Just surreal."

Maturo's son, 27-year-old Lawrence Maturo, was killed Monday morning in a hit-and-run in North Syracuse. He was riding his bicycle back from Planet Fitness.

"The idea that someone hits someone and then takes off — how do you process that?" he said. "I have not really been thinking about it. I get angry. I think about how he got hurt and how he's gone. I just want to deal with this phase now. There are more phases to come. I realize that one."

Maturo said he and his son had been estranged, but his father said he is very proud of the man he had become.

The victim also has 12 surviving cousins — or as they call themselves — "sibling cousins." They are close like brothers and sisters, but are more like best friends.

They said Larry was larger than life and could make you laugh until you cried.

"He would drop everything if you needed him," Connie said. "Everything. One hundred percent. Baseball and workout. Loved everything 100 percent."

"Each one of us take a little bit of that," Anna said. "Carry it forward. He influenced and inspired."

"He will always be my smile," Steph said. "Best friend. So sorry you have to remember him now."

"If you wake up one day and you feel you miss someone, pick up the phone and call them," Connie said. "You don't want to get the call we got. You don't want time to pass without saying what you wanted to."

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