Health department investigating legionella cases with possible ties to James Square

CNYCentral file photo

The New York State Department of Health is investigating two cases of legionellosis with possible ties to the James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

The DOH says its investigation is being done in collaboration with James Square. Samples have been collected from the facility's potable water system, which recently tested positive for Legionella, according to the health department.

The DOH has recommended a water restriction on the nursing home until the water system can be remediated.

Legionella is not spread person to person. Regulations require all general hospitals and residential health care facilities to perform Legionella tests on drinking water systems. Each year, between 200 and 800 cases of legionellosis are diagnosed in the state.

James Square was the focus of a raid by the state Attorney General's office recently amid allegations of poor resident care.

The new administrator of the facility has promised a total turnaround.

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