Health experts warn of winter weather health risks

Health experts warn of winter weather health risks

A doctor from St. Joseph's Health Hospital in Syracuse has a warning for people this winter.

His advice: stay alert and be careful as you clear your driveways or work outside.

"The other types of injuries we see are people slipping and falling, especially in our elderly population. That's a huge risk for hip fractures, especially if they're going out at night and trying to shovel their walkway and for them it's total body exposure," Dr. Max Berube of St. Joseph's Hospital said.

Dr. Berube recommends people going out to shovel snow to let someone else know so they can check on them.

Health professionals also warn that extreme cold can pose a risk too; Hypothermia can begin to set in when body temperature lowers to 95 degrees. To avoid hypothermia, paramedics advise people to beware of drastic temperature changes, such as going from extreme cold to extreme hot.

Drinking enough water to stop dehydration is also a good precaution.

If you think someone has hypothermia, paramedics say you should call 911 and then get them to a warm space, if you can.

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