Heidi Allen's case goes to NY's highest court

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Heidi Allen's family remembers her, and her disappearance as Gary Thibodeau will be back in court Thursday.

Heidi Allen vanished Easter Sunday in 1994. She was working at the D&W convenience store in New Haven she went missing.

"Heidi was an outgoing, bubbly, determined person. She always put others before herself and had a contagious smile," Lisa Buske said.

Lisa is Heidi's older sister by four years. She says Heidi was known for always caring for others.

She had big hopes and dreams as she worked, went to school, babysat and volunteered at an elementary school.

Heidi was set to graduate from OCC but was kidnapped just a month before.

"Thursday was sister day that's when we always found time for each other and no matter what our schedules, we always carved out time," Lisa said.

Lisa said that is what she misses the most, sister days. They would grab lunch or go walk around the mall.

Despite claims of new evidence and new potential suspects brought forward by Gary Thibodeau's legal team, Lisa believes the right person is behind bars.

"As a family, I can't speak for everybody, but personally it is an emotional and challenging experience," Lisa said.

Heidi's family stands behind and fully supports the sheriff's department and the district attorneys office, who have never given up on this case.

Their mother died not knowing where Heidi is and what happened to her. Lisa says she knows someone out there has an answer and she hopes the truth comes out.

"Answer the question. One parent has passed away not knowing the answer. I pray my father doesn't have to do the same. Are you the one that can answer the question, where is Heidi?" Lisa said.

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