Helping Hounds moving to North Syracuse

Jake is one of many dogs available for adoption at Helping Hounds, which will be moving from DeWitt to North Syracuse soon.

After years of searching, DeWitt-based dog rescue Helping Hounds has purchased an old building in the Hancock Air Base, and is now in an ambitious fundraising effort to turn it into a kennel/community services facility.

Helping Hounds has been looking for a new facility for about a year, ever since the building they've been renting, behind Shoppingtown, was put up for sale. Executive Director Kathy Gilmour tells us the new facility, on Caswell Street in the Hancock Airpark (off East Taft Road) is already theirs, but it will take extensive work, including asbestos removal. The building will be gutted and rebuilt to the rescue's specifications. The fundraising goal: $1.2 million (there are naming opportunities for larger donations)

Right now, there is no timeline for the move, and the rescue's 'regular' work goes on: just today (Saturday) a transport from Texas brought in 60+ dogs. Gilmour tells us several families are pre-qualified to adopt, and she hopes to find them homes soon.

As for 'Jake,' the 'hound mix' puppy she brought in to show off during our interview, she says the 12 week old still has lots of growing to do (you could see that by the size of his feet!). Jake is neutered and ready to adopt, and will make a great pet for someone who can be around as he's housebroken and learns the rules of living with his new family.

For more information on the fundraiser for Caswell Street, or for adoption of Jake or other dogs, has what you need to know.

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