Herkimer starts to clean up again: flooding Monday night brings another foot

Herkimer recovers from flooding.


n the village of Herkimer, Tuesday was clean up day as neighbors moved everything out of their house and onto the sidewalks. Friday's flooding made its way into many homes throughout the area. Just as people were trying to recover a second round of flooding hit last night bringing another foot of water into Herkimer.

Helen Crichton lives in Herkimer with her husband and four grandchildren. "We figure that maybe we have to repair the furnace. Water heater was 10 or 11 years old it probably needed to be replaces anyways. Hopefully we can dry out everything in the basement so we don't get mold in it," says Crichton. "People are uplifted. A lot of us say thank god, nobody was hurt, nobody was killed here. We're the lucky ones.

Crews came in today to take away the trash which lined the streets throughout the Village. What worries people more than not having hot water for five days now is the mud and stagnant water left behind from all this flooding.

"The mud is deeper than you think it is when you look at it even for grown-up. There have been some standing water puddles, like the one between us and the house on the next street. At one point it was four or five feet deep, that's dangerous for a little kid," says Crichton.

While neighbors are cleaning out their homes, the Salvation Army is feeding those who need a meal or even a break by taking mobile trucks throughout the Mohawk Valley and serving them fresh food.

Major James Purvis works with the Salvation Army in Central New York. "The people are... they're so grateful that we're here, because a lot of times they think they're forgotten," says Purvis.

No one has forgotten them as crews continue working around the clock as they try to bring some type of normal living back here.

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