CNY historian reflects on President George H.W. Bush's legacy

Photo: George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation

CAZENOVIA - Dr. John Robert Greene first met George H. W. Bush in 1998 while he was working on the first of four books he wrote on the president.

"He was courteous. He answered all questions if not fully — at least completely," Dr. Greene said.

He believes President Bush, who died on Friday, will be remembered for his accomplishments in foreign affairs, as well as his inability to stabilize the economy at the end of his term.

"The success in the Persian Gulf War, which was part of the ramping down of the Cold War following the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is all a piece of how George Bush saw the world," Greene said. "He saw the world as good vs. evil, right vs. wrong and acted upon it."

Dr. Greene isn't surprised at the outpouring of support for the 41st President and the Bush family.

"I saw in one obituary 'the last gentleman in politics'. That may or may not be true, but it is certainly what George Bush is going to be remembered for," Greene said.

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