Holiday card drive for children impacted by mass shootings

    SUNY Oswego criminal justice faculty member Jaclyn Schildkraut coordinating holiday card drive to send thousands of holiday cards to children impacted by mass shootings<p>{/p}

    Cards for Kids drive is happening again this season in Central New York.

    Jaclyn Schildkraut, SUNY Oswego criminal justice faculty member and author, is coordinating an effort to send thousands of holiday cards to children impacted by mass shootings, including those in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs and Parkland.

    “In just 3 days, we already have more than 2,100 cards pledged, surpassing the number of cards we sent out last year,” Schildkraut posted on Facebook.

    In 2017, Schildkraut’s friends, students and even complete strangers came together to send 2,036 cards in a similar effort.

    She wanted to bring some relief to children who lost parents in the Las Vegas mass shooting that happened on Oct. 1, 2017.

    This year, the project will also include children who lost siblings and parents in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in Parkland, Florida.

    For Schildkraut, the topic is not just one of academic interest, but is personal.

    She used to live in Orlando and she said the shooting at the Pulse nightclub hit close to home, as did Parkland, the area where she grew up, although she said every such incident brings her sadness.

    “For me, it’s always about giving back, and in this season, the cards project not only shows people that we care, but brings so many friends and strangers together in doing something good,” Schildkraut said.

    The goal is to have all cards sent to Schildkraut by Dec. 17 to make the Dec. 20 postal deadline.

    If you are interested in helping, you can reach out to Jaclyn Schildkraut via email,

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