Honoring Erin Hamlin's legacy in more ways than one

Town of Ramsen honoring Erin Hamlin's success.

The small Oneida County town of Remsen is proud of Erin Hamlin after she finished her Olympic run today and the role model she has become for the community.

The community hosted a watch party this morning at the High School, the principal, Dale Turner, is not only proud of Erin's accomplishments, but the role model she has become for the school.

"Not the result we were looking for. We kind of hoped for better, of course. But, we're still so proud of her. And we're still, the community's so supportive and behind her and there couldn't be a better role model," said Turner.

Young athletes at the school look up to Erin, freshman Taylor Anderson uses Erin's success, to motivate herself.

"Makes me want to work harder I guess and be something bigger," Anderson said.

Not only are those at the high school celebrating Erin's success, Remsen Mayor Marty Flint said the last two weeks have been inspirational and that they want a permanent reminders of Hamlin's success.

Flint said he is reaching out to officials to see if they can change the name of Main Street to Erin Hamlin Way and possible have a statue built.

"Hopefully come up with a way to honor her and show her success in the last 16 years and what it's meant to not just the community but to the Olympic sport," said Flint.

Not only is the local government finding ways to honor Hamlin, but a local soda fountain is as well. The Soda Fountain on Main Street, which Erin was no stranger, named a sundae after her.

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