Hotel Syracuse looking for holiday remembrances as it plans re-opening

The Marriott Syracuse Downtown, is looking for stories and pictures of Hotel Syracuse holiday celebrations to add to its website for the holidays. We also have an update on the renovations.

We know it as Hotel Syracuse, but the name is now Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

Developer/owner Ed Riley and General Manager Paul McNeil visited Weekend Today in CNY on Sunday (Dec 20) to talk about their ongoing online memorabilia project. They're currently requesting stories and pictures from holiday parties (including New Year's celebratons) to post on the website for this year's holidays. You can send to .

We also talked about the renovation and staffing progress: an opening party will happen on St. Patrick's day, and the hotel is booking rooms, starting on 4th of July weekend, as well as events.
McNeil says the executive staff is all hired and they expect to bring in food and room service staff starting later this spring. Some potential candidates are in training through and EOC program, to make them more hireable.

As for the name change, Riley says it represents the hotel's future, and its plan for sustainability, though he thinks it's inevitable that people will keep referring to it as Hotel Syracuse.

Click the video link above to see the complete interview.

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