How a local church is stepping up security following Texas shooting

How a local church is stepping up security, following Texas shooting

After Sunday's tragedy at a Texas church, many people may not even feel safe going to their place of worship.

At the Vineyard Church in Geddes, there are a few safety precautions the faith community put into action.

In the area of worship there are two security cameras.

Lead pastor John Elmer says he sees a lot of people struggle with fear. He tells his congregation to not let fear control them.

At the church, Elmer and his team have come up with certain measures to make the church a safe place.

They have an active shooter plan, cameras throughout the building, and a security team.

The active shooter plan is rather new to the church.

"We've really thought about as more of these random things happen, to have an active shooter plan just in case, and not to have fear control us but to be proactive and allowing people to feel safe," Elmer said.

Pastor Elmer says within the next month or so the church will be adding more security cameras, giving the Vineyard Church about 30 throughout the building.

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