How did this summer compare to normal and what is next?


As you might have expected, temperatures were cooler than normal this summer. Even though the first day of autumn is September 22nd, “meteorological summer” includes June, July and August. You might be surprised to find out, though, that these 3 months came out to be normal for rainfall despite a wet late spring.

Read below to find out specifics about the past month's temperatures and precipitation and what's next for this month!

Breaking down the temperatures from June, July, and August 2017:
~Temperatures were 1.2 degrees below normal for this period.
~While below normal, these numbers were not close to any records.
~There have been 2 days of 90 degrees. This is 4 days below the normal for these 3 months.
~These numbers are obtained by taking all of the high temperatures and low temperatures from each day of these 3 months

Breaking down the rainfall from June, July, and August 2017:
~Looking back at these 3 months of 2017, total rainfall was 10.68”. This was exactly normal (only 0.02” above the actual normal rainfall for these 3 months)!
~After above average rain in June, near normal rain in July, the 5th wettest May, and above average precipitation between January and April, August came in well below normal.
~August rainfall was 1.77” below normal, causing the 3 month summer average to be normal.

For a day by day break down of Syracuse temperatures and precipitation, click here.

For the monthly climate summary for Syracuse temperatures and precipitation, click here.

How does September look?
The first 3 days of September were WAY below normal. In fact, the exact number was 10.7 degrees below normal for September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! This included tying the record low for both September 1st and 2nd and just missing the coldest high temperature on record for September 1st. My 7 day forecast has temperatures above average today, near normal Tuesday, but below normal for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures will probably be back to near normal. Precipitation will be near to above normal for the next 7 days. However, Saturday and Sunday appear to be dry.

Looking ahead past the 7 day forecast, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a slight better than even chance for below normal temperatures with a slightly better than even chance for above normal precipitation for September 11th through 14th. Their forecast, as a whole for the month, describes a better than even chance for below normal temperatures and a better than even chance for above normal precipitation.

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IMPORTANT NOTE about Syracuse records:
--Records between 1950 and now are kept at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (which is technically North Syracuse).
--Records between 1902 and 1949 were kept in downtown Syracuse mostly at firehouses.
--While the distance between the 2 places is less than 10 miles, there is some difference between these 2 locations on average for both temperatures and snowfall.
--Typically, Hancock Airport will receive more snowfall on average than downtown Syracuse. This is due to being closer to stronger Lake Ontario lake effect snow bands before they weaken as they move southward.
--Typically, downtown Syracuse will be milder than North Syracuse due to the "urban heat island" affect from downtown buildings versus an open field of an airport runway.

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