How does the weather affect our food choices?

Does weather affect food choices?

Does the weather ever make you hungry for a certain kind of food? Does it make you avoid certain foods? If youâ??re like most people, it does, and local restaurant owners actually count on it.

Fran Fiorito, owner of The Euclid Restaurant in Clay confirms this. â??It does seem that when itâ??s gloomy out they have dessert, they have a more heartier meal. Then, a sandwich, salad when itâ??s hot out.â??

Fran tells me its simple human nature to seek comfort from food in foul weather. â??I think the big reason is because itâ??s gloomy, itâ??s rainy, people are depressed, and itâ??s comfort food. You know, a hearty meal is a little more filling, and they feel content. And it seems to work.â??

So, it would seem that your CNYCentral First Alert meteorologists arenâ??t the only ones doing the predicting around here. I chatted with Peter Nestico, owner of Nesticoâ??s in North Syracuse, and asked him what kind of foods people would order in a raging lake-effect snowstorm? â??Hamburgers and heavy soups, chowders, things like that.â??

And Peter tells me the weather not only affects what people are ordering, it affects whether people even go out to eat in the first place.

â??In my particular case, the nicer the weather-since we are primarily an inside restaurant, with a small patio, we do better when the weather is not good. And people want to go out and have a nice dinner in a nice atmosphere versus sitting outside.â??

So the next time you catch any of us â??dishingâ?? out the weather forecast, we may just be helping you predict your next meal.

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