How fairgoers are keeping cool on Senior Citizen's Day


Water is one of the most popular items being sold Wednesday at the New York State Fair.

"It's hot. It's really hot," Patricia Thompson said.

It was a day full of fairgoers doing everything they could to keep cool. It was also one of three Senior Citizen's Days, where seniors can get in for free.

"With all of the seniors on the bus, we have a good time," Thompson said.

People are walking around with water bottles, paper fans, hats and even little fans.

"The hat keeps me cool. Keeps my skin clear and my dermatologist would be very angry if he found something on me," John Bednar said.

Five years ago, Jim Michel found out he has lung cancer, but he is not letting the heat stop him from enjoying a tradition.

"You gotta do what you can. You can't let this thing get you down all the time," Michel said.

Just like everyone else, Michel is carrying around plenty of water bottles, but he also has to carry around an oxygen tank.

Stan Goettel, the infirmary manager, said along with nurses, law enforcement and EMS crews are working hard to keep the fairgoers safe during the intense temperatures.

"We do oral hydration. If we have to treat them with something else like IV or Zofran we're ready to do that as well," he said.

Goettel said so far they haven't seen too many heat-related illnesses. Symptoms can range from being lightheaded, dizzy, fatigued, nausea, and vomiting."Continue to hydrate throughout the course of the day. About a pint of water every hour to two hours and take frequent breaks and enjoy the shade," Goettel added.

The infirmary has additional nurses and physicians for Monday and Tuesday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to assist with the heat.

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