How picking up trash will improve our waters

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, on Weekend Today in CNY on Saturday morning, on the positives (besides making the community look good) of the 'Block Litter' campaign

'Block Litter' is a campaign to get more people to pick up trash, because it's about a lot more than keeping the community looking great.

Onondaga County Exec Joanie Mahoney, on Weekend Today in Central New York on Saturday morning, said the campaign is co-sponsored by the county's Save The Rain initiatve and the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency, and is aimed at improving water quality. She point out that 98% of trash that makes its way to local waterways is street-born litter, so picking it up before it gets into the storm/sewer system will help improve Onondaga Lake and other nearby waterways.

The campaign asks residents to take a pledge (at to clean up trash, and then post pictures at #BlockLitter to encourage others.

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