Hydrofracking takes center stage at Syracuse's Inner Harbor

Hydrofracking was the "main event", so to speak, Sunday night at Syracuse's Inner Harbor.

The "Syracuse Big Splash!" event raised awareness on what some folks say are the dangers of hydrofracking. That's the controversial drilling method in which millions of gallons of water and chemicals are pumped deep into the earth to extract natural gas.

"It will wreck our economy in New York State if we bring hydrofracking," said organizer Chris Tate. "It will be a very short term gain for just a few landowners."

Supporters of hydrofracking say the environmental impact is minimal and would be a financial boost for the state. Right now, there is a moratorium on hydrofracking in the state while the DEC examines the potential environmental impact. It is set to expire in July.

The Cuomo administration has ordered an expanded environmental review after a hydrofracking accident in Pennsylvania spilled chemical-laced water for two days back in April.

The event in Syracuse allowed folks from both sides of the issue to engage in open dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere.

"It's not all just anti-hydrofracking. There have been a few people here who have expressed interest in it in a positive way, which is alright," said Jessica Alighieri, a student at ESF. "It's great to have both sides talking."

Organizers say a couple thousand people attended today's event.

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