Ice is not perfect on this Free Fishing Sunday

It's a beautiful day for ice fishing, and it's FREE in New York State this Sunday, but there are some safety cautions if you're heading out on the ice

Lots of people are out fishing on this Free Fishing Day for New York State water bodies, but the people who run area bait stores are still advising caution on the ice.

Oneida Lake is frozen, but it's never solid: there are pressure cracks , and areas where water flows into the lake are always weaker. If you're not sure, avoid the area, or check with an experienced angler on how to check to be safe.

The ponds and lakes east of the Syracuse area are also seeing lots of ice fishing this weekend, but again, because of last week's thaw and rain, there are weak spots in some of the ice.
Bait Stops Leland Pond tournament on Saturday had lots of anglers and the fish are biting: the winner was a 2 foot Tiger Muskie, caught on the Morrisville side of Leland Pond.

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