Icon Tower opens with ribbon cutting ceremony in downtown Syracuse

ICON RIBBON CUTTING.01.transfer_frame_228.png

Icon Tower sits along on Warren Street in downtown Syracuse.

An iconic symbol of what was and what is to come.

The building sat lifeless for years after Blue Cross Blue Shield packed up its 825 employees in 2008 and headed for the suburbs.

Many wrote it off as a hopeless case but not developer Graziano Zazzara.

"It was a vacant building in downtown Syracuse. All of Warren Street was pretty much a blight area in Syracuse and that's all changed now," Graziano Zazzara, Icon Tower developer, said.

With a ribbon cutting on Thursday, the Icon Tower is open for business.

It is a mixed-use building with 89 luxury apartments and all but one have been spoken for.

The nearly $20 million facelift is part of a broader story about how Syracuse is on the rebound.

Center State CEO said downtown's recovery is spreading.

"We're already starting to hear about a desire to see more opportunities for investment and looking even broader than some of the immediate downtown corridors because of all of things that are coming online," Andrew Fish, Senior Vice President, Business Development, said.

New York State also helped the project by kicking in $2.3 million.

Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul, was in town for the ceremony.

She said the state has invested more than $500 million into the area.

"Upstate New York still has an incredible and vibrant future waiting for it if only people will believe and invest and that's what this is about," Hochul said.

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