Injured Watertown firefighter sues Newell St. arsonists

Injured Watertown firefighter sues Newell St. arsonists (Provided by Craig Burleigh)

A Watertown firefighter who was injured in last year's Newell Street fire has filed suit against the two men who started the fire and the medical center who owned the property.

Paperwork obtained by from the New York State Supreme Court database, revealed the plaintiff, Theodore Kolb II, is suing on the basis of negligence, asking for monetary compensation for the damages caused to him while battling the Newell Street blaze.

It happened the night of February 19, 2018. Kolb was one of two firefighters hurt when a wall collapsed while crews were battling the flames. The suit claims he suffered, and continues to suffer from severe psychological stress and pain, in addition to physical injuries.

According to WWNY in Watertown, two teens, Scott Munson, 18, and John Long, 18, were indicted on several charges in connection to the fire. The suit claims both Munson and Long "carelessly, negligently and recklessly" started the fire, did not extinguish it and did not warn or get help to put out the flames.

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The suit also names the Samaritan Medical Center and Newell Street Realty LLC, which own the building and/or property. According to suit documents, Kolb claims these defendants failed to maintain and secure the property. It claims the property was not inspected regularly to regulated structural safety, equipment and debris were not removed from the property and the area was not secure enough to keep the two unauthorized men from entering the property.

The plaintiff is joined in the suit by Andrea Kolb, who echos the claims outlined. The suit does not specify how much money is being asked for in damages.

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