Inmate at the Oneida County Jail charged after filing a false report

Luis Silvagnoli Jr., 25/Oneida County Sheriff's office

An inmate at the Oneida County Jail has been charged after filing a false report, according to the Oneida County Sheriff's office.

Deputies said Luis Silvagnoli Jr., 25, of Utica was charged with making a false written statement on September 26, claiming he was sexually assaulted several nights in a row beginning September 11, by another inmate inside the jail.

After an investigation was conducted by the Criminal Investigation Unit, investigators found several problems with Silvagnoli Jr.'s statement, officials said.

According to authorities, the inmate he had accused of assaulting him for several nights, was in the same unit as Silvagnoli for only one night. That unit was under constant watch, and inmates were constantly in sight of a correctional officer present in the unit at all times, deputies said.

He will appear in court at a later date.

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