Inside Erin Maxwell's bedroom

When State Police were called to Erin Maxwell's home August 29th, they were appalled by what they found. They encountered an overpowering stench, more than a hundred cats and other animals, piles of garbage and excrement. Before they could investigate the homicide of the 11 year old girl, troopers called in the SPCA to clear out the animals.

Today the house outside the Village of Palermo is vacant. The Town has deemed it unfit to live in. Now that it's been cleared as a crime scene, a number of volunteers and workers from the SPCA have been in and out of the home and they've seen Erin Maxwell's bedroom.

No one was willing to talk to us on camera, but the witnesses to the inside of the house told me the door to the girl's bedroom was cut off at the top leaving a gap high enough for an adult to look in, but too high for a child to see out. The door had an exterior lock. In addition they told us the bedroom door was caged in by chicken wire with yet another lock on a gate.

The people who looked in the room told Action News it was neater than the rest of the house but said it was "more like a cage than a little girl's room."

State Police Lieutenant Troy Little said Tuesday he "can't confirm" the description "right now", but he's "not going to deny it."

There are still no arrests in the killing of Erin Maxwell. The girl's stepbrother is still considered a person of interest, but is not in police custody.

The SPCA says they've recovered 118 cats from the house and property along with a dog. Workers and volunteers expect to take the chickens to a farm animal sanctuary possibly this evening. The Maxwell family has given the SPCA access to their property.

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