Internet security experts warn of cyber criminals stealing and selling personal data

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With Facebook security and privacy dominating the headlines, many who use the social media network are concerned about who has their information and how they are using it.

"It's always a concern because you never know when someone's going to have your information and use it," Linda Holihan said.

However, local security experts with Secure Network said Facebook data is public information.

Steve Stasiukonis, president of Secure Network, warns a bigger concern for internet users should be the personal data stolen by cyber thieves.

"The information that gets collected and bought and sold as the result of a breach, that's the information you've got to be worried about," Stasiukonis said.

Millions of usernames and passwords have been stolen through several high-profile company data breaches like Home Depot and T.J. Maxx.

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The breaches left many bank accounts and email accounts vulnerable to criminals.

"Once you have a person's mail and you're inside their inbox, you control their life," Stasiukonis said.

Secure Network experts said it does not require a sophisticated hacker to snatch personal information.

Some of it can be easily accessed by logging onto websites.

Criminals can buy passwords and use it to steal money out of bank accounts.

"A lot of password information on this. A lot of address information. A lot of personal information that was breached that these guys are now selling," James Carroll, with Secure Network, said.

Then there is the "dark web" — a place where users are anonymous and most anything can be bought or sold.

"This is criminals who are selling Chase bank accounts that were hacked," Carroll said.

Carroll showed CNYcentral a website where buyers can bid on banking data.

Many times the buyer will use the information to create a bank card and take cash from an ATM.

"$2,000 is one value, $4,000 is the other one, so these are some pretty good cards and they're selling for $130," Carroll said.

Secure Network experts encourage users to use different pass phrases for online accounts.

They said to use several words to make it more difficult for hackers to compromise personal online accounts.

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