Is it safe to drink coffee while pregnant?

Doctors say drinking coffee while pregnant is fine, but it's preferred that its limited to one or two cups of regular coffee a day.

"I was having early signs of labor, and now we're just walking the halls."

Life as Kristina Goodman and her husband know it is about to change.

"Excited, anxious, um, I'm five days past my due date, so we are getting a little impatient, and we don't know the gender, so we're really excited to find out," Goodman said.

For the past nine months, she's been keeping herself and baby healthy, but she's also a coffee drinker.

"I didn't drink any coffee at all during the first trimester, during the second trimester I had an occasional cup, I never had more than one cup a day," Goodman explained.

While pregnant-doctors say it's completely safe to drink a cup of Jo, but nothing with an extra caffeine kick-like the new Starbucks Plus K-cups.

"Moderate amounts, one to two cups, normal caffeinated coffee probably okay, but the 2X variety, you take a couple of those, that's really too much. You're heart's gonna be racing, your blood pressure's gonna be up, you're baby's gonna sense that," explained Dr. James Brown Jr. of St. Joseph's Health Hospital.

"If you're a four to six cup drinker a day, you gotta cut back," Brown said. "Can you do the one cup? Absolutely."

Kristina says she doesn't need coffee, but with her bundle of joy arriving soon, she just might reach for a second cup.

"I know I'll be getting less sleep! So, maybe," laughed Goodman.

But right now all she cares about is ten healthy baby fingers and toes.

"Becoming a mom for the first time, watching my husband become a dad," said Goodman.

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