'It was a loud noise'; Witness describes scene of weekend assault on Hopper Road

Witness describes scene of weekend assault on Hopper Road

She was about to drift back to sleep Saturday morning in her quiet neighborhood near the wooded trail. Then suddenly, something wasn't right.

"I couldn't tell if it was a cat fight. It was a loud noise. The dog immediately ran to my window and was kind of wimpering. I immediately got up and looked out the window," she said.

She ended up being a witness to an assault of a teenage girl that occurred that morning in the 300 block of Hopper Road in Syracuse. Out of fear for her safety, this witness did not want to be identified.

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When she got to the window, she saw a young girl walking fast near the intersection of Chaffee and Hopper roads.

She was too far away to see her clearly, but what she heard still haunts her.

"Screaming mommy I need you, mommy, help me mommy. I need you mommy. I immediately grabbed the phone and called 911," she said.

However, she did not see the man police say attacked the teen.

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"I could just tell it was a young person, by the, by her voice I could just tell. I knew it was someone young and they needed help," she said.

The woman said she described everything she could to the 911 dispatcher.

"She kept telling me that I was doing the right thing by calling, calling in and they would get somebody there right away and they did," she said.

She said although this was scary, it's about looking out for one another. She's thankful she took action and the police quickly came.

"Wouldn't have hesitated to do it again. I'd do it in a minute again," she said.

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