Ithaca students will walk out to raise awareness of gun violence

ITHACA WALKOUT.transfer_frame_1962.png

It is a day of action that has been coming since 17 students were gunned down in a Florida high school.

“This recent shooting has really raised the concern that ‘O, we might not be safe here.’ So, it’s really spurred a lot of us into action,” Megan Hay, Ithaca High School junior, said.

Megan Hay and others are joining students from schools around the country.

They are planning to walk out of class on Wednesday to raise awareness about gun violence.

It is also an effort to honor the students who died Parkland.

Once students at Ithaca High School leave the building, they will stand in silence for 17 minutes.

Its one minute for each victim in the Parkland shooting.

Hay said she has received a lot of positive support about the walkout.

For the students who do plan to leave school, Ithaca police are encouraging them to do so safely.

“We’re working with the school district to make sure that whatever does happen tomorrow, we have contingency plans in place to make sure that everybody is safe in expressing themselves, Jamie Williamson, public information officer for the Ithaca Police Department, said.

Hay said the walkout is also a way to get their voices heard.

Since many of them are not old enough to vote, she said this is one way to get lawmakers' attention.

“We have been trying to use this as a platform to say ‘Look! Take action, reach out to your representatives. Nothing is going to change unless you make change," Hay said.

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