It's pothole season in Central New York

DPW crews out filling potholes around Central New York

It is pothole season for municipalities around Central New York.

Crews are out all over patching the roads.

With warmer weather, DPW workers are starting to switch over from snow and ice removal to street repair.

Any one behind the wheel has probably hit one or two this week.

With the freezing and thawing, potholes are popping up around Central New York.

"A lot of them are unavoidable just because of oncoming traffic and they're pretty big. So, you can't really swerve out of the way," said Cassandra Shay.

From April to the end of August 2018, the City of Syracuse received just under 800 pothole complaints.

Genesee, James and Salina Streets were at the top of the list, but how about this season so far?

"Not too bad. This year has been better than most," said Dan Dunn.

One reason for that might be a new type of asphalt city crews are using.

"Does seem to be holding much better in the winter season, so we haven't had to return to the same areas as much as we have in the past," said Corey Driscoll Dunham, director of operations, City of Syracuse.

The City of Syracuse does have crews out on the roads filling in potholes.

DPW identifies the potholes through what crews find and complaints.

So, officials are asking drivers to contact them if there's a pothole they run over.

"Potholes are a reality for all of upstate cities and municipalities that have our type of climate and the aging infrastructure," said Driscoll Dunham.

"This was from a pothole. That was from a pothole," said Tony Masello with Masello's Auto Service.

Tony Masello, with Masello's Auto Service, said potholes can bend or even crack rims.

A deep pothole can also damage a car's suspension and throw off the alignment and that is not all.

"We've even seen customers crack a windshield hitting a pothole on a cold day. it's very rough on cars," said Masello.

To notify the city of a pothole, you can call (315) 448-2489 or send an email to

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