Yoga time for toddlers at JECSD

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Once a month during the school year, students in the 3UPK program at Jordan-Elbridge Central School District devote 30 minutes to learn yoga.

The district received a state grant for up to $500,00 for the program.

It is the third year for the program.

Inside Mrs. Craig's classroom there is a lot of creativity.

Kids are learning how to move, breathe and relax.

Once a month Yoga Instructor, Colleen Smith, is a special guest of the classroom.

Teaching these toddlers a different lesson.

"They like anything they can make noses in, they like mouse and cat and dog," Smith explained.

Fun animal shaped rubber toys or 'breathing buddies' are placed on each student's tummy, showing them how to belly breathe and take in a full breath.

"Those breathing techniques can help with anxiety and stressful situations, that's the impact that I'm most concerned with and the one that I do see," Smith said.

Smith is owner of BeLive Yoga and has been teaching for 17 years.

Through her career and experience, she's seen students focus better after practicing yoga.

Plus, students work on listening skills, following directions and motor skills in each session.

All which can be used in and out of the classroom.

"All of that combined is great for them cognitively, socially they are learning how to be in a group and pay attention and listen and they are learning how to tune out other distractions," Smith added.

An activity where kids challenge their mind and body, while having fun.

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