Jazz in the City brings neighborhoods together

It was the sweet sounds of jazz that brought people together for the concert series. (CNY Central)

Thursday August 2nd was night one of the five-part free Jazz in the City concert series in Syracuse.

The concert at the Dunk and Bright furniture store on the city's south side featured local jazz artists "Trump-Tight-315."

The series aims to reconnect neighbors to their culture and to also bring diverse groups from the suburbs and the neighborhoods together, and provide educational and cultural benefits to youth and neighbors.

It was the sweet sounds of jazz that brought people together for the concert series.

Deasjia Harris is the leader of Elm Street Pride Drum Line, the only young woman in the band.

Harris sees the crime on the south side, her neighborhood, but she does not want the bad news to define her part of town.

It's events like this that make her community special.

“It's a way to express ourselves, we make cool beats and we have fun with it these are actually my brothers, I call them my brothers and I’m the sister," Harris said.

"Jazz in the City" connects people from the city and the suburbs.

For Cynthia Josephson from Manlius she comes every year to enjoy the music.

Josephson is aware of the crime, but she says this is not the place for it, everybody is united.

"We've been here before and we've never had a problem. Everybody is enjoying themselves all the way around, there's all ages here so it’s not just like it's older people,” Josephson said.

"We love being in different neighborhoods, I like the fact there’s a diverse group of people, I’m in someone else’s neighborhood but the music is wonderful,” Thomas Mueller said.

Mueller believes it’s his responsibility to learn more about different communities and not just stay in his little neighborhood.

"To see these neighborhoods empty out, see families coming in with lawn chairs, it just proves that we have neighborhoods here in Syracuse,” CNY Jazz Central executive director Larry Luttinger said.

Since "Jazz in the City" focuses on neighborhoods in Syracuse, it aims to highlight local businesses and musicians.

It also supports outreach programs by connecting the community to healthcare resources and services.

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