JCPenney welcomes shoppers at 2 PM on Thanksgiving

JCPenney welcomes shoppers at 2 PM on Thanksgiving

"Basically I haven't been to sleep yet. So we came to stand in line," said Jermain Williams, a customer at JCPenney.

He had been there since 11:30 this morning. He's one of many neighbors who wanted to get a head start on Black Friday shopping.

This is the first year JCPenney opened its doors so early in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day. The store's general manager says it's a holiday treat to their customers.

" We're excited about it. It's something that our customers kind of voted for. It's something they wanted so we're going to be here for them, " she said.

While some shoppers might argue that it takes away from the thanksgiving spirit, others wouldn't want to spend today any other way. One family changed their Thanksgiving plans to get their shopping out of the way, and will instead celebrate the holiday tomorrow.

nine-year-old Luca Ugarte said: "My mom did not want to be here tomorrow because tomorrow is when everything is already done"

And Luca's twin sister, Mia, is okay with that.

"Today it's gonna be a fun day... Everything's for Christmas but if there's something really on sale then my parents have to talk, " she said.

It's a day Mia's very grateful for...

"JCPenney rocks a lot!" she said.

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