Junior at PSLA at Fowler saved man's life

Junior Najib Ahmed, student at PSLA at Fowler, used his skills to save a man's life (CNYCentral Photo).

PSLA at Fowler students in the EMT program train hard every day, learning how to save lives.

On December 11th, junior Najib Ahmed found himself acting fast and putting his skills to test. He heard a man yelling on the phone in his neighborhood.

"I thought he was yelling at someone but he was on the phone with 911 cause he couldn't talk so I asked him are you okay sir and he told me no he'd been shot," Ahmed said.

Ahmed looked down at the man's leg and saw it was covered in blood. He then took off one of his shirts and wrapped it around the victim's leg.

Syracuse Police told us the victim is a 26 year old male that was approached by a group of men on Park Street. The men fired several shots and the male then ran to Josephine Street.

Ahmed said he was scared, but he didn't let his fear stop him from doing what he is training to do.

His instructor, Brandi Schaefer said her students are educated for every situation possible.

"I am so proud of him not everyone can run to the emergency and help, most run away from things like this so I was very excited," Schaefer said.

Ahmed said with all of the violence we have been seeing in our community, it's motivated him even more to follow his dreams of being a paramedic.

"I live in Syracuse so you know there's a lot of violence going on so if i'm driving around or walking, I might see someone who needs help so I can help him," Ahmed said.

Instructor Schaefer said during their last year students are able to go through a EMT basic class with professionals from Upstate. Once the students take the New York State test and pass it, they can become a certified EMT basic.

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