Katko opponents weigh in on Vice President visit

Dana Balter and Juanita Perez Williams (CNYCentral file photo)

While Congressman John Katko prepares to keep his seat in November, Dana Balter and Juanita Perez Williams are about one week from squaring off in the primary for the Democratic nomination.

CNYCentral asked them what they will be doing during Vice President Pence's visit.

"While John Katko is standing next to Mike Pence and collecting $1,000 a plate, I'm going to be visiting places where Central New Yorkers have lunch. I'm going to be talking to people John Katko is supposed to represent," Balter said.

"I am going to get there an I'm going to make sure my voice is heard because when I'm congresswoman, My voice will only be for the people of Central New York. I will work for them. I will stand up for them and fight for them," Perez Williams said.

Both candidates said the fundraiser sends the wrong message to voters in the 24th district.

"He is literally standing with this administration as they are committing human rights violations. They have been ripping children away from their parents. It is an atrocity I never thought I'd see out government commit," Balter said.

“He wants us to think that he has a concern for this district, and specifically a concern for the thousands of children that are being detained on the Mexican border, and yet he opens his arms to the very leadership that is supporting this detainment,” Perez Williams said.

Both candidates are focused on their campaigns with the primaries a week from Tuesday.

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