Officials give suggestions on what to do during an emergency

Officials give suggestions on what to do during emergency

In an emergency, panic will set in, and there may be confusion on what to do.

Bill Bleyle is the commissioner for the 911 center in Onondaga County. He said every situation is different and suggests leaning on experts for help.

"I can tell you that many things go in your favor when you contact 911," Bleyle said.

It's their job at the center to connect people with the right resources quickly.

Bleyle said the dispatchers are trained and can give life-saving medical advice over the phone while waiting for help.

"We guide people through performing on victims, we guide people on how to control bleeding," Bleyle said.

The dispatchers in the 911 center will ask detailed questions that will be key to sending the right help.

"It will help us identify what type of resources from basic emergency medical technician to top-level paramedic we need to send," Bleyle said.

"There are certain hospitals that specialize in certain things. Some will not handle serious trauma cases some will handle. That's pretty much their specialty," Bleyle said.

By calling 911 and going to the hospital in an ambulance, appropriate medical experts during the ride can immediately start helping the victim.

"Time is always of the essence," Bleyle said.

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