Lakeshore flood warnings east of Lake Ontario

Lakeshore Flood WARNING.jpg

A LAKESHORE FLOOD WARNING has now been issued for the Lake Ontario shoreline of the following counties:
-- Oswego & Jefferson counties from until 11 PM Tuesday until 10 AM Wednesday.

What does this lakeshore flood warning mean?:
--A combination of still relatively high lake water levels of Lake Ontario and a brisk southerly wind becoming a westerly wind Tuesday night into Wednesday morning of wind of up to 35 knots with higher gusts will create onshore waves of up to 10 to 15 feet. This will result in increased localized lakeshore flooding and shoreline erosion along the immediate Lake Ontario shoreline.
--Flooding is most likely in low-lying, flood prone areas along the immediate lakeshores and in bays and inlets along Lake Ontario and into the Saint Lawrence River & Thousand Islands region.
--Wave action will result in increased shoreline and beach erosion.

Here's what you should do if you live on the shoreline:
-- Take any necessary precautions to protect property from flooding.
-- If you are asked to evacuate, heed local officials.
-- Keep your phone with your CNYcentral mobile app turned on so if additional warnings are issued you will know.
-- Periodically check NBC3, CBS5 and CW6 for updates on the weather and possible warnings.
-- Know which county you live in, and where you are in relation to streams, creeks or rivers, which can become killers in heavy rains.
-- If you live or work in an area which is prone to flooding, have a safe evacuation route to use if flooding occurs.
-- Have a battery operated radio, and several flashlights available and in working order.

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