Landline phones,VCRs: Items becoming obsolete

Technology seems to be moving at a bullet's pace these days. Who can really keep up?

There are a ton of new gadgets and gizmos hitting the market each day from touch-screen "tablet" computers to e-book readers.

So we thought it might be fun to look back at some of the items becoming obsolete in this digital age. From a pager to a Walkman and when was the last time you saw someone on a pay phone? Here are some of the more recent items now becoming a thing of the past.

Landline phones Most people use a cordless phone these days. And it's increasingly more common for people to use cell phones as their primary phone these days. In fact, you can do it all on your cell phone now: text messaging, tweeting, using Facebook, surfing the internet. Many people actually text more than they call these days.

Dial-up internet If any of us have to wait long than 3 seconds for a website to open up, we're on the phone with Time Warner asking them if there's an outage.

Fax machines Why bother? These days you can just scan something and e-mail it.

Mailing hand written lettersWhen was the last time you actually sat down and wrote someone a letter...with a pen and paper. First of all, e-mailing your note is free, and the next time you get a letter in the mail, it's probably from your grandma.

VCRs Remember the days of racing home to pop in a tape and record your favorite program? Forget about it! These days, you can pre-record shows days in advance and even rewind live TV.

CDsPerhaps you still have old CDs sitting in a case somewhere, but digital music is now all the rage. You can download music right to your computer and select a single song or the entire album.

Classified ads These were once a way people looked for jobs, sold homes and announced garage sales. They also used to be a big money maker for newspapers. And while you can still find them in some local papers, people have now turned to Craigslist and other websites on the internet for this stuff.

Phone books Remember when we all used to use phone books? These days you just type someone's name in online to find their address. Ask for directions...who are you kidding? People don't even use paper maps anymore. It's all about MapQuest these days.

Film camerasIf you don't have a digital camera by now, you're probably an exception among your friends. It wasn't too long ago we would bring our cameras to the drug store to have the film developed, then wait anxiously for days for our pictures to be printed. Today, just plug your camera into your computer, and in an instant, you can upload your pictures online and send them around the world for everyone to see.

EncyclopediasDo you remember the days of going to a library to do research for a school paper? It seems like ages ago students used an encyclopedia to research a particular subject. Thanks to a plethora of websites like Wikipedia, you can do that right from the comfort of your home.

Catalogs Most people surf the internet for clothes today. We still get junk mail, but now it's called "spam."

We want to hear from you. Which items do you think are becoming obsolete? Leave your thoughts below.

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