Lawyer for clergy sexual abuse survivors calling for naming of all accused priests

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It is a call for clarity aimed at the Syracuse Catholic Diocese.

A lawyer representing alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse is pushing for the diocese to release all of the names of credibly accused priests.

“The disclosure of this information is vital for the sake of public safety and for the sake of the survivors who need this to begin their healing process," Mike Reck, attorney with Jeff Anderson and Associates, said.

Reck said the release of names, and where and when the credibly accused priest served in the diocese, would go a long way in helping survivors heal.

“We view this as an opportunity and a call to action for the bishops of each of the diocese to disclose what they knew, when they knew it and make this information available to the public," Reck said.

Patrick Wall is a victim advocate that works with Reck.

He said more around 6,000 priests across the country have been accused of assaulting minors.

“These are not minor incidents and this is literally something they carry in their body, in their psyche, in their mind and their soul throughout their entire lives," Wall said.

Wall also said the names need to be released to the public.

The Syracuse Diocese disagrees.

The diocese claims not all victims want their abusers' names made public.

In a statement they said, " The diocese has confirmed names of abusers if a victim has brought them forward and they were found to be credible allegations."

“We want child safety and the only way to really learn is to have the data that’s available. We need to learn from our past mistakes," Wall said.

The Syracuse Diocese has created a fund to assist and compensate victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy.

Reck said he does get paid from the settlements he wins but he would not disclose the terms of his agreements with his clients.

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